The external beauty largely depends on the health of the internal systems of the body, and it is achieved with a sufficient amount of consumed water. It is with water that cells receive nutrients and are oxygenated, and harmful structures are eliminated and do not accumulate. Skin and hair care cannot be complete with the use of products that have a superficial effect. Lack of water in the body will instantly manifest itself in the form of loss of skin tone, dull appearance of hair and disturbance of their structure, signs of fatigue on the face and dark circles under the eyes. Insufficient water content provokes headaches and discomfort in the lower back.

Before you start actively caring for yourself through useful masks and creams, it is worth making sure that you have enough water in your body. It is also indispensable for vigorous physical activity, as it promotes metabolism acceleration and increases endurance. During intellectual activity the consumption of clean water contributes to the concentration of attention and has a beneficial effect on the memory.

How and in what quantity to drink water?

The daily water intake varies from 2 to 4 liters depending on the body weight. A glass of water with lemon, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast, will activate the internal organs and contribute to awakening. The next glass can be drunk after the morning meal. During the day you should regularly replenish the water balance and monitor the quality of the water used, use a filter system to purify it. Drinking a small amount of water before the meal will not allow you to eat too much, it will create a feeling of rapid saturation, which is important for girls who take care of their figure.

Various tonic drinks, which many people consume during a busy day at work, can not effectively compensate the body’s need for life-giving water. They are not a full-fledged substitute for water.

Water should be drunk slowly, in small sips, otherwise the kidneys and the stomach will receive unnecessary unwanted load. Water is able to concentrate and retain energy: thinking kindly and positively while drinking water is useful. It helps to stay calm, avoid stress and keep your mood at the proper level.

The beneficial effect of normalizing the water balance.

The benefits of water are confirmed by reliable facts, confirmed by many medical and cosmetological studies. Here are just a few of them, allowing an objective assessment of the high value of water in terms of aesthetics and health:

  • does not add calories to the diet;
  • provides effective functioning of all body systems;
  • creates conditions for proper functioning of the hormonal system;
  • makes the process of regeneration of the skin more rapid;
  • regulates body temperature (which is important for power and aerobic activities in the gym);
  • reduces swelling;
  • increases elasticity of muscle fibers;
  • organizes natural protection against sprains and cramps (ligaments and muscles need water to produce the proper amount of natural lubricant)
  • increases immunity, the body’s ability to resist colds and viruses.

When consumed sufficiently, water can become an effective measure of cancer prevention, prevent the appearance of malignant formations in the blood and organs of the digestive system.

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