There are times in life when we are emotionally exhausted. Then any little thing can be frustrating, and you live on pins and needles, feeling like a little goose from a Soviet cartoon about murovya.

It’s not a quiet time in which we really need help. And strangely enough, first of all we ourselves.

Let us allow ourselves to relax and never again allow ourselves to be overstressed by following a few simple recommendations:

  1. Tune in to an emotional rest, telling yourself that at this moment, right now, the moment of restoration begins, right now you are filled with the energy of patience, love, understanding (take exactly the state that you are missing).
  2. Remember that your true energies accumulate not in front of the TV, but in a quiet quiet place in nature. Don’t occupy your mind with noise to relax.
  3. Remember about balance. Work on your head, work on your body, get tired emotionally, and give yourself total peace.
  4. Give your body at least 15 minutes each day: exercise, stretching, affection, fresh air.
  5. Eat fruits and vegetables daily.
  6. Listen to your breathing daily. Especially in moments of emotional stress. Disconnect from what is happening outside by focusing on your breath. It is better if you learn to breathe with your stomach, diaphragmatic breathing. It is known that by learning to breathe diaphragm, people are cured of many chronic diseases. This breath is given to us by nature, children breathe just so.
  7. experiment with rearranging your space. If your thoughts are “stale” swap out furniture, buy what you’ve been dreaming of just for your coziness.
  8. Talk to people who inspire you more often.
  9. Listen to light music.
  10. An important rule: “When you think of others, don’t forget yourself. Remembering yourself, don’t forget others. Seek balance in your relationships. Allow yourself to rest while caring for others. While taking care of yourself, remember to rest others. This is the rule of resource allocation. Have enough energy for everything if you do everything in time. Learn to relax before the stress sets in.
  11. Work with your mind. If you need a boost of inspiration and energy, and you’re emotionally exhausted, think about what you can be grateful for, why you might be happy now? Maybe you have wonderful people in your life, maybe you are physically fulfilled, maybe you are loved? Do something out of love. Let the light shine through you. With this attitude, you will always have strength, patience, and a harmonious state will return.
  12. humor is a savior. It’s a well-known fact that laughter extends life. Laugh at your serious thoughts that have complicated everything, at the situation. Living in joy is much easier than it seems, all you have to do is have a positive mind.

Total emotional recovery!

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