Specifics of Asian cuisine and its effect on the body

The term “Asian cuisine” refers to the combination of food systems of the Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Koreans and other nationalities belonging to the Asians. What they have in common are ancient, tried-and-true dishes whose recipes never change.

Culinary peculiarity of such countries is variety of taste and aroma which are inherent in all Asian dishes. Therefore, many gourmets from different continents come to enjoy the amazing dishes in these countries or cook them at home.

Adherents of healthy eating and keeping fit put a special emphasis on eating healthy and wholesome food. And Asian cuisine like no other promotes just that.

A simple way to achieve a slender body slim

Change the attitude towards food.

At first glance, it would seem that Asian women are slim because they don’t eat at all or eat very little. Nothing like that, they also like to eat. The only difference from Europeans is the attitude towards eating. From childhood they are taught to eat correctly, not forcing the stomach with the amount of extra caloric food, and learn to make their diet exactly as much as necessary for the normal activity of the body.

Small portions

To trick their stomachs, Asians pour food into small dishes and eat using chopsticks. A small amount of food eaten over a longer period of time allows the body to become satiated. After all, as we know, satiety from food comes only 20 minutes after eating it. In our case, you should use a saucer instead of the usual portioned plates and eat with a teaspoon instead of forks and spoons.

Food Processing Methods

Many of the ingredients that make up Asian dishes are heat-treated. In this way, a lot of useful substances and vitamins are preserved in the products. Some dishes, of course, fried, but it is done just a few minutes to form a crust, not soaking products with a lot of oil.

Soup for lunch

It is impossible to imagine an Asian without soup at lunchtime. This habit promotes digestion and gives a good start before main courses and dessert. And the small amount of calories of this dish will certainly keep you in good shape and will not lead to gaining extra pounds.

More fruits and vegetables

Green vegetables and seasonal fruits will not only saturate the body with lots of vitamins, but also cleanse it of toxins. Asians eat a lot of greens (green onions, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, sprouted wheat grains). And rightly so, because there are almost no calories, and the benefits are above all praise.

Rice as a side dish

Rice is a visiting card of Asians. It is used not only as a side dish but is also added to soups and desserts. All kinds of rice, from white and brown, round and long grain are used. This product not only satisfies hunger for a long time but also removes nitrates, salt and water from the body, which has a positive effect on weight loss.

As you can see, the path to slenderness is not so difficult and thorny. Implementing the small recommendations above, you can lose a few pesky pounds in a short period of time without making any effort. Exhausting physical training or expensive salon procedures you will not need if you stick to the diet recommended by the slimmest women on the planet – Asian women!

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